Quality Material Handling Inc. offers many services specific to catering to your warehouse needs. Aside from the sale of new and used warehouse and material handling equipment we are also your warehouse solution provider. We do so by relieving you of all the tedious tasks involved in expansion, relocation, downsizing, permitting, engineering, and calculations by being your one stop shop and handling it all for you. At QMH Inc., we do what it takes to get everything done in a timely, correct, and professional matter. As your warehouse solution partner, we are not just another vendor, we are your business partner here to help you and provide you with over 23 years of expertise.

Free Warehouse Consultation

Free Warehouse Consultation

  • Complete on site detailed and accurate measurements
  • Provide client with multiple options to maximize existing space and to make an efficient warehouse operation by either using existing system or adding to existing system
    • If materials are needed, a free quotation will be provided along with a layout
  • Inform customer of their local city and fire codes

Highpile Storage Approval


Highpile Storage

High Pile Permits

We provide customers with commodity classifications and review existing fire suppression system to ensure that their system will meet local fire code. If the existing system is not to code, QMH Inc.’s fire consultant will make recommendations of any necessary modifications to comply with fire code

Included in our standard High Pile Permit Package is:

  • Site plan, floor plan, roof & ventilation plan
  • Product commodity classification
  • Sprinkler specifications
  • Permit submittal

Additional services for high pile permits which can be provided by QMH Inc. include:

  • In-rack sprinkler system
  • Sprinkler modifications or upgrades
  • Site plan, floor plan, roof and ventilation plan
  • 5 year sprinkler certification

City Permits

City Permits

Items provided by QMH for our standard City Permit Package are:

  • Detailed rack engineering drawing and structural calculations provided by a state licensed structural engineer
  • Complete detailed CAD floor plan showing system layout, building exits and office locations
  • Site plan showing property location, property lines, parking, and a vicinity map
  • Elevation plan

Additional services that can be provided by QMH if required and enforced by city:

  • ADA Plan link
  • Egress lighting path of travel plan
  • Deputy inspection for bolt anchoring

Warehouse Relocation Services

Installation and Relocation

Our installation team is insured, licensed and bonded and has over 23 years of installation experience. Installation and Relocation services are provided by actual QMH Staff (not subcontracted with an outside contractor). This ensures top rate service and experience in all types of racking systems in the material handling industry. QMH installations are compliant with all city and fire codes.

Relocation consists of:

  • Tear down system, cut and grind off all existing anchor bolts, bundle and steel strap all materials for efficient transportation to new facility and reinstall materials to comply with local city codes

Tear Down and Acquisition

QMH Inc. is able to dismantle existing racking, grind off existing anchor bolts and able to purchase used equipment back at fair value or can apply a credit for any future projects

On Site Repairs

Our highly trained QMH installation crew is knowledgeable and equipped to perform onsite repairs on all types of racking to ensure safety requirements are met

Additional Services

At QMH Inc. we also provide delivery, complete warehouse and rack design, as well as custom fabrication. All services are conducted in-house by QMH Staff members such as CAD drawings, fire consultations, and installation. The only services conducted by an outside contractor is the deputy anchor bolt inspection and structural engineering. As a California Licensed Contractor our 23 years of experience had given us an advantage in understanding out customers’ needs and fulfilling them.

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