Be one of the thousands of businesses nationwide that finance thier equipment! We have teamed up with our partners at Envision Capital Group LLC to create a customized Equipment Financing Program that overcome financial challenges. Since Envision Capital is a direct lender and has dozens of credit lines with multiple bank partners nationwide, they are able to fund the widest variety of credit histories in the industry.

When selecting Envision as our partners we needed to ensure that they were going to have the same three priorities we do, #1 providing our clients with stellar customer service, #2 competive rates, and #3 a simple process for our clients, and they provide just that. 


The "application only program" has loan amounts that can be as high as $250K without providing finacials!


Benefits of an Equipment Loan:

  • 100% Financing
  • Conserve Working Capital and Credit Lines
  • Reduced upfront costs
  • Ability to bundle multiple purchases
  • Fast and Easy Process
  • Flexible Repayment Structures Ranging From 12-84 Months
  • Ability to Match Payments to Your Specific Budget
  • Significant IRS Section 179 Tax Benefits
  • Depreciation & Tax Deductions
  • Gain Equity
  • Buying equipment is a good option when you expect the equipment to have a long useful life without needing upgrades or replacement.


Application Only Financing Is Easy! Here's the 5-Step Process! 

  • Submit your Credit Application to Envision (QMH can submit on your behalf as well)
  • Credit worthiness is confirmed and Envision initiates lease or loan contract
  • You accept the terms of contract & return signed documents to Envision
  • QMH delivers and/or installs products and you confirm reciept of goods with Envision
  • Envision collects lease/finance payments from you according to contract


Download the Application and Get Started!

Financing Application