Hand Trucks

One of the most important tools for any facility, hand trucks have long been the staple for moving heavy objects or simply making moving awkward objects easier. While a run-of-the-mill hand truck can handle occasional use for smaller loads, when your shop or warehouse needs a hand truck that performs in the most demanding environments, these QMH aluminum and steel hand trucks will help you get things where they need to go without worrying if the hand truck will hold up.

For easy movement of lighter loads, our aluminum hand trucks will do the trick. From office paper and water deliveries to smaller warehouse jobs, these aluminum hand tricks give you the maneuverability and lightweight performance to go up stairs and weave through tight spaces when needed.

For heavier jobs, our steel hand trucks will move the big stuff with ease. You can rely on the heavy-duty construction of these steel hand trucks to lift and move bulky items and hold up to any beating you can throw at it. Shop QMH's hand trucks today for the best materials handling options for your facility.

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