Pallet Racking

Pallet Racks

What QMH can help you with:

  • We can provide you with new or used pallet rack components
  • We are a licensed contractor, insured, and bonded to do installation and/or relocation
  • We do City and Fire Permits with our in house permit technicians
  • We deliver with our own trucks and drivers
  • We can design and configure the perfect floor plan to maximize your warehouse
  • We can also buy back your used pallet racking

Pallet racking storage is a great investment for your warehouse. A few benefits of pallet racks include:

  • Improved inventory control
  • Inventory circulation
  • Improved accessibility
  • Efficiency
  • Safety

What is Pallet Racking?

Pallet racking is a storage system that increases the capacity of your existing warehouse, improves the overall workflow and efficiency, and also leads to a more organized warehouse, distribution or logistics center, shop, factory, or other storage locations.

Through the use of a proper pallet rack system, workflow speed is increased, spaced is utilized better, and most importantly, your employees are working in a more safe environment. Pallet rack does this by using your existing square footage, but maximizing the cubic feet of your warehouse. Unlike staking or piling products on top of each other which, aside from being inefficient, creates a toppling hazard for your employees, and can also lead to damaged products, pallet racking provides a stable and safe storage system to utilize the height of your building. In the words of a wise man, "When you pay for rent, you are paying from the floor to the ceiling." So if you're paying for it, why not use it?


Pallet rack upright frames are the most crucial component when handling heavy loads for your pallet rack systems. They create the vertical storage space to add additional shelves and therefore creating pallet positions. Choosing the correct pallet rack upright can be the difference between failing and passing city permit requirements.

Call one of our representatives for a free assessment to make sure yours are correct.

Common Upright Styles We Sell:


Pallet rack step load beams are the second most important component in a pallet rack system. They dictate the capacity per level on a system. While some believe that cross beams are rated for a high capacity, this may be limited by other components in the system. Beams are limited to the system capacity and therefore are not the only thing that dictates shelf capacity.

Wire Decking

Wire decking is an optional accessory for you pallet rack system. It creates a stable shelf for pallets. The use of wire decks limits the hazards of broken pallets. This is done by supporting the pallet across the entire deck. It also creates a safety net to prevent items from falling on lower levels and creating a domino affect of falling products and/or pallets.

There are two common wire decking options:


This is a universal style of pallet rack wire decking which works with most, if not all styles of pallet racking.


Step style wire decks are the most cost effective and modern version of wire decking. They work best with modern step load beams and are a more reliable and stronger option.

Column Guards

This is an optional accessory. They are a great investment to prevent damage to your system. While they cannot prevent all damage. They can greatly limit the damage to common roll formed material.

Anchor Bolts

Anchoring your pallet rack system is mandatory to meet the local city and fire authorities’ requirements. The safety of your system is essential to the well-being of your employees and help you meet OSHA requirements.

Our anchor bolts & anchoring methods meet seismic requirements!

Other Common Questions:

You can, but we recommend you let our professional crew handle it!

Installing pallet racking correctly is as imperative to the system as the material itself. Installing pallet racking incorrectly can lead to damaged products, possible violation of city ordinances and design failures, potential injury for your employees, or even death.

Please be aware: The only people who can legally install your pallet racks are certified licensed contractors. Any unlicensed installation can result in failure to meet city regulations and codes. Moreover, we recommend having a licensed pallet racking contractor, like ourselves, install your racks. Licensed pallet rack contractors provide more knowledge and experience to handle on-site situations as well as a timely and safe project.

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We have an active license through the California Contractors State License Board
License #731100
Classifications: C61 | D34

Don't worry, we've got you covered! If your pallets are a custom size, just give us a call. We can give you a free consultation and design a system to ensure that you’ve got the proper fitting for you storage racks.

Pallet racking qualifies for two different types of city and local permits. The first is the building and safety permit. This is required for all material 6' and higher. The second is the fire permit. This is necessary after 12' and higher, unless you are storing a high hazard commodity then it is required at 5' and higher. Call for a free permit evaluation & walk thru of the process.


Pallet racking is a very versatile building material and can be used to create a variety of different systems such as:

  • Selective pallet rack
  • Drive-in rack
  • Push-back rack
  • Pallet flow rack
  • Pallet rack mezzanines
  • Pallet rack catwalk systems
  • Pick systems
  • And much more!

Manufacturers and Brands We Sell:

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