Steel Dock Board

Steel Dock Boards are fully welded of US steel and designed to assist your loading and unloading process, from dock to container. A quality dock board contributes to efficiency, safety, and warehouse productivity.

Our dock boards are carefully designed, including curbs, legs, and lifting chain for safety, ease-of-use and enhanced access.

Please see the chart below for the various options of our Heavy Duty Dock Boards offered by "The Shop" at QMH Inc. Call 855-SEL-RAMP (855-7357267) to speak with one of our Dock Board Specialists for pricing and to place and order.


-Curbs, Legs, and Lifting Chain included

-From American-Made steel

-Mobility for your investment

-Standard Capacity 15,000 lb.





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SKU: Width Length Capacity Price Quantity
QSDB-6048 60" 48" 15,000
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QSDB-6060 60" 60" 15,000
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QSDB-6072 60" 72" 15,000
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QSDB-7248 72" 48" 15,000
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