Cantilever Racking

For easy storage of retail merchandise and project materials, our cantilever racking systems help you keep an organized space, free of clutter, while allowing easy access for shoppers or workers to get the materials they need. Designed without aisle frames, these cantilever racks allow for easy display or storage of long, bulky items like lumber, tubing or even carpet rolls. Whatever your business is, if you're storing longer materials, these cantilever racks can help you clean up your space and get lumber and pipes off the floor, for easier access.

The level elevations of each arm is adjustable to allow for easy storage of any materials of length, and with a variety of racking sizes to choose from, you can insure that these cantilever racks don't come up short for your material storage. You can also choose racking gauges to customize these industrial cantilever racks. On this page you will find three common cantilever racking types, medium duty for lighter load, and for heavier loads you can choose from heavy duty cantilever rack or structural cantilever racking. If you're storing along a wall, there are single sided applications available for all models and double-sided available to allow easy access from both sides.

When you need to store long materials such as piping, lumber, tubes or carpet rolls, our cantilever racks perform to meet your needs with a variety of options. Shop today and organize your space with the racking you need for materials with length.